Central America

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Where is Central America located?

Central America is located between North and South America. It is technically a region on the southern tip of North America. Central America stretches from Mexico in the North to Panama in the South.  A small region of Colombia is often considered to be in Central America. Colombia is however not considered a Central America since most of the country is located in South America.

The Caribbean islands are sometimes included in the term Central America.  This is incorrect and the Caribbean is not a part of Central America.

Which countries are located in Central America?

central americaCentral America consists of the following countries.

Central American Culture

Central America is home to various cultures that is a mix of Indian tradition and tradition brought by the European Settlers.  All of the cultures in the area is very friendly. You can find more information about the local culture in our different country guides.

Central American Economy

Most Central American countries are underdeveloped with a large number of poor people.   The economy is largely dependant on tourism, agriculture and commodities.

Central American fauna

Central America features a very diverse fauna and flora.  The area includes dry areas as well as rain and cloud forest.  The area features animals from both South and North America.  Among the most iconic species that is found in the area, you find Macaws, Toucans, Sloths, Tapirs and cappuccino Monkeys.


Visiting Central America

Central American countries are friendly and many of the countries have a well-developed tourist industry.

Costa Rica and Belize are to destinations that are known for their nice hotels and the stunning nature.  Both countries feature untouched rainforest and pristine beaches.  Belize is English speaking while Costa Rica is Spanish speaking.

Nicaragua is a good option for the budget traveller.  Nicaragua can offer everything that neighbouring Costa Rica can offer but at a fraction of the cost.  Nicaragua is a cheap country to stay in while Costa Rica often can be expensive even by US standards. I Personally find Miami to be cheaper than Costa Rica once all expenses have been calculated.

Honduras and El Salvador are not suitable tourist destinations due to high crime rates.

Gambling is central America

Gambling is legal in many of the Central American countries and you can find casinos in many of the larger cities. Many smaller cities have gambling halls where you can find slot machines.  The Return to the player in these machines are often very low and it is best not to visit them.  Casinos are especially common in Costa Rica and you can find casinos in many cities and in many hotels.   Gambling is an important part of their tourist industry.  The quality of the Costa Rican casinos varies greatly. Some of the casinos are well managed but many are chaotic and full of heavily intoxicated patrons and ladies of the night. One fun fact about Costa Rican casinos is that they do not feature blackjack gambling.  Many casinos claim that this is due to blackjack being illegal in Costa Rica.  This is not true.  The truth is that the casinos chose to offer another similar game instead that offers a lower return to player and therefore is more profitable for the casinos.

Costa Rica offers online casino licenses and many online casinos have chosen to operate out of Costa  Rica.  This is due to the casino friendly regulation in Costa Rica.  The regulation offers poor gambling protection.  I recommend that you avoid gambling in online casinos that are licensed in Costa Rice.  Instead choose an online casino that is based in a more player-friendly jurisdiction such as the UK, Malta or Cyprus.